One-shot-install flashing guide

  1. Odin Communicator v1.85
  2. Stock Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S5360 ROM for your region
  3. USB Data cable
  4. Temporary CWM by Doky 
Before you proceed, you must ensure that:
  1. If you have a SD card with EXT partition (EXT2/3/4), you must remove these partition to avoid problems with apk installation later on.
  2. If you are coming from another custom ROM, you must revert to stock ROM first.
  3. USB drivers are properly installed on your computer.
  • If you will not remove EXT partitions, some apps that we're moved to EXT partition may show up in your phone but may not work properly. Perfect example are launchers.
Step 1: Prepare your phone
  1. Backup all your contents to your computer
  2. Sync all your contacts, calendars and other data to you Google Account
  3. Remove all EXT partitions in your SD card using Mini Tool Partition Wizard
Step 2: Revert to stock ROM
  1. Flash stock ROM from your region using Odin. If you need help on how to flash stock ROM using Odin, read my Guide to Flashing ROMs and Kernels in XDA-Developers forum.
  2. After flashing, leave your device for 1-2 minutes to completely boot up. 
  3. Connect your device to your computer and put it to USB Mass Storage mode and copy and Hyperion zip package that you want to install to your SD card.
  4. After copying, turn off your phone and proceed to the next step.
Step 3: Flash Hyperion
  1. Boot to Android System Recovery mode by pressing volume up key + home button + power key for 3 seconds or untill you see the Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S5360 screen.
  2. After that, immediately release the keys and press it again until the recovery shows up.
  3. In recovery, select install zip from sd card.
  4. After that, select from the list.
  5. After that, you will then see ClockWorkMod Recovery with texts in yellow color.
  6. In ClockWorkMod Recovery, select mounts and storage.
  7. Mount /system, /data, cache.
  8. Go back by pressing the power button or the back key.
  9. Select advanced and debugging.
  10. Select wipe dalvik cache and wipe batterystats.bin (optional).
  11. Go back by pressing the power button or the back key.
  12. Select wipe data/factory reset.
  13. Select wipe cache.
  14. Select install zip from sd card.
  15. Select choose zip from sd card.
  16. Select Hyperion zip package (eg.
  17. After flashing, reboot your phone.
  1. Boot time make take 1-5 minutes from stock ROM
  2. If coming from other custom ROMs, boot time may take from 5 - 10 minutes (specially if you wiped dalvik cache)
  3. If you don't wipe dalvik cache, you will get "Application not installed" every time you install an app.
  4. You know you are stuck in boot logo if it stays there for more than 10 minutes! Be real! 10 minutes is enough to cook an instant noodle and eat it while its hot! 
  1. You flashed Hyperion directly from a custom ROM with a custom kernel.
  2. You flashed Hyperion directly from stock Android System Recovery. That means you didn't use TempCWM to flash Hyperion.
  1. You flashed Hyperion directly from stock Android System Recovery. That means you didn't use TempCWM to flash Hyperion.


  1. I'm having a problem with installing Google Play Services. It kept on giving me an error like this:

    "Incompatible with other application(s) using the same shared user ID."

    I can't sign in to YouTube without the Google Play Services and I've looked for solutions and tried them but still no luck. Any solutions, Carl? I hope this could be fixed. I love Hyperion. Any help would be appreciated for this.. Thank you.

    1. I would appreciate if you could tell us how to solve this issue. Thank you.

    2. Solved! Flash Hyperion beta build 2.3. Check on Hyperion's facebook page for links

    3. sir carl, please fix the link of Hyperion beta build 2.3.. its not found at this link:

      thanks in advance.

      btw, its an awsome work. Thanks for the Hyperion. :)

  2. Nvm. I was able to solve that. Now to figure out how to solve Error 942 -.-

  3. Thanks!! many people wait for your work !!

  4. Replies
    1. Rooted and deodexed is needed before flashing? Or pure stock rom DXLL1?

  5. if sd-ext removed how to increase internal memory like we have partition before..?

  6. i dont need to root the fresh stock rom again?

  7. Hi sir carl , uhmm , can i flash H8.2 on my SGY ? but i already flash a creed v3.5 on it , is it okay to flasy H8.2 directly ? hihi :3 because i dont know how to flash stock rom :(

  8. hi not sure on which stock rom to download for sgy s5363 o2 csc:s53600ddlfi

  9. S5360_XXKK6_OXXKK2_XXKK5 is this correct???

  10. sorry ignore my messages i was very tired last night and was going round in circles

  11. awesome looks amazing but cant sign into google play and data network keeps enabling also wifi not working please update

  12. hi, got problem on clock display on the status bar, i have the correct settings but it seems it is 4 hours advance in the status bar

  13. i got problems when i use this. i can't access my google account and i can't use my internet throuhg wifi. how can fix this problem ?

  14. works on the new galaxy young gt-s6310?
    i really like this rom, but dont know if i can flash it on my phone :/

  15. whenever i use task manager i cant stop any app any solution please..????

  16. hotfile is blocked by d u.s. govm'nt

  17. i tried so many roms but hyperion rom is the most awesome and stable rom i ever tried. thankyou for this rom. hope updates will be posted and ill wait for it. master
    kernel: hellsfusion#50
    partion sd-card thru link2sd method :)

    #newbies: dont stick in just one websites :)

  18. just wanna share, hope for modified camera,modified messaging(the write message button put in button area), more wallpapers.

    i got one problem in the latest update that i'd got, i cannot rearrange the icon in drawer tab. pls fix.

  19. Hi, what languagues support? I can't find spanish. Is this correct or I make a mistake in the installation.?
    Also, I installed the fix, but IMEI don't show anyway.
    Notice I installed this on Galaxy Young Gt-S5369 (Vodafone Spain) ROM (2.3.6 BUMB1)

  20. not registered on network . what should i do ?

  21. unable to connect to wifi. what to do?

  22. saya tidak bisa login ke aplikasi BBm android, apa yang harus saya lakukan, saya tunggu jawaban dari anda, terima kasih,

  23. I am having problem with network. It is showing no service available ,not registered on network.CAN'T CALL OR MESSAGE...please help..also hotspot feature is not working!