Hyperion CM7.2 Changelog


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CHANGELOG (notable new features or fixes)
### 7.2.0 Hyperion.CM-7.2 build 2
* Common: Changed SystemUI layout
* Common: Added HeaderView, QuickSettings and ClearAll
* Common: Changed Settings layout
* Common: Added categories in settings
* Common: System App Installer and AdAway (removed from PlayStore)

### 7.2.0 Hyperion.CM-7.2 build 1
* Common: Changed default theme to ICS Trans
* Common: Fixed Calculator black background that makes it un-themeable
* Common: Fixed cannot unlock device without SIM when flashed with GApps


  1. ouch.. CM7!!!
    overall i dont care if u change UI layout but want to know what happened if we change the theme downloaded from playstore?.. is it compatible??

  2. hyperion rocks!!!!!!
    CM 7.2???? this is gonna be awesome man.....
    i just hope all the bugs are fixed in your build...
    cant wait...but i'll wait till the sun wont shine... for this release...
    kudos to u Carl Dean Catabay ...

  3. Sir..will there be any OPENVPN issue if I install cyanogen mod?

  4. Why no public download links?
    Ain't that the best way to find out and get even with the bugs?

  5. kuya ito n lang po port ko s gio wag n lang po yung hyperion 8 d ko po kasi n port nang matagumpay kasi mag kaiba pala ang chipset ng gio at y

    badagila po to s xda

  6. i wonder if this can be used as a base for porting miui if this gets completely stable? i sooo want that rom.. :))))

  7. Sir Is Hyperion 8 GM final build is compatible to percy@cm7.2 kernel???
    i doing the amarullz script to increase my Internal memory....

  8. good day sir,
    where can i download this build?
    i'm currently using Hyperion 8 Final, but i really want to try this one..